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Vidi grant awarded for the TIMESTAMP project

Exciting news! The Dutch Research Council (NWO), domain of Applied and Engineering Sciences, will support our research with funding through the Talent Programme - Vidi. This programme aims to support established research groups led by experienced researchers who have already conducted several years of research after gaining their PhD. Huge thanks to all the lab members, mentors and collaborators that helped, and looking forward to starting this new project. The TIMESTAMP project, hosted at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University, will start in the next months, and we will soon look for new postdoc and PhD candidates to join our team.

TIMESTAMP public summary

Donor tissues and cells for transplantation are life-saving, but scarce and often not available for many patients. Printing living cells is a first step to build human tissues in the lab, but to date, printed cells do not fully mimic the function of our body parts. With this Vidi project, we will develop a new technology to accompany and guide cell maturation into tissues gradually over time after printing, to offer a new solution for biomedical and healthcare research. We are excited for the support of NWO, as the Vidi funding will help us investigate new technologies at the boundary between photonics, biology and chemistry, and their impact on medicine, with specific focus on developing niches for the expansion of hematopoietic stem cells, needed for stem cell transplantation.

More info on the programme and the list of all awardees across the different scientific domains can be found at the following links and on the NWO official page, from where the screenshot at the top of this post is also taken:

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