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New tools for both cultivated meat and regenerative medicine

Realistic, lab-made tissues are essential to feed and keep healthy a growing and ageing world population without harming the planet. However, current production methods are still too slow and expensive, and do not always deliver the desired properties. We are elated to announce that our team will receive funding from the Dutch Research council to develop new biofabrication technologies to equip the next generation of biotech and biomedical industry with tools able to tackled these societal challenges.

The FAB4FUTURE consortium, coordinated the MERLN Institute in Maastrich (Moroni Lab), will combine artificial intelligence with knowledge and methods from medicine and food production in a ‘toolbox’ for the scalable and configurable production of living materials. The researchers are demonstrating their methods in three-dimensional heart models for cardiovascular disease research and in cultured meat with the same taste, texture and nutritional value as real meat.

Looking forward to this exciting new endeavor, together with academic and industrial partners in the Netherlands, Germany and France, in which the fields of cellular agriculture and regenerative medicine will be able to learn from each other's experiences.

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