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Kick-off Meeting for the ENLIGHT project

On May 26th and 27th, the ENLIGHT consortium met virtually to officially kick-off!

Funded by the EU H2020, ENLIGHT researchers will develop a living model of the pancreas to enable better testing of diabetes medication. This model is manufactured using a new method of bioprinting invented at the UMC Utrecht and EPFL, and specialized stem cells studied by ETH Zürich and the University of Naples Federico II.

Project Coordinator: Riccardo Levato: “With eight European partners, we will now develop a new bioprinter that, using visible light, prints stem cells three-dimensionally into functional pancreatic tissues.”

ENLIGHT has received a 4-year grant from the European innovation Council fund Horizon 2020 under grant agreement 945119. The aim is to realize the first working tissue model within three years.

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