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Congrats Dr. Núñez Bernal!

There is a newly minted Doctor in town (and in the lab!). On February 6th, 2024 Paulina succesfully defended her PhD thesis in the halls of the Utrecht University's Academiegebouw. Huge congrats, and very well deserved achievement!

Her work, titled "Crafting Tissue Complexity: Pioneering Layerwise and Volumetric Biofabrication Strategies for Advanced In Vitro Models" described the development of several new bioprinting technologies, including the first paper on volumetric bioprinting and advances in cell electrowriting, and their application for liver and heart engineered models. To know more about her PhD work, the thesis is based on several peer reviewed open access publication which can be accessed from the following links:

-Extrusion bioprinting of liver organoids:

-VBP of liver organoids and hepatic biofactories:

-Bioprinting of antibody-loaded collagens to control angiogenesis:

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